Best of the best fire dancers 

Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers

Boracay Phoenix Fire dancers 

Our Story

We are group of fire poi dancers originally from Boracay island,  Philippines.

established in 2006

with a highly competent training in fire poi dancing.

trusted group of fire dancers by many of event planners and hotels event organizers.

part of our choreography on our fire shows is a skit
that will surely make you smile and laugh  
making it a more fun and enjoyable entertainment 
a production that will not only feast your eyes but will also gives you a fun fire experience.

throughout the years 
we still aim for a more better fire production.
to spice up the vacation of every tourist who are visiting the island of boracay.

Making boracay a destination picturesque by day and night. 

Catching the light 

on every click of your camera comes a surprise of different light formation.

The Art of Fire twirling 

Although the art of poi originated from the Maori people of new Zealand. there is also an account of fire twirling in the philippines culture. in a form of a traditional dance during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. a rural dance called "pandanggo oasiwas" that originated in lingayen pangasinan. dancers swing around lighted lamps wrapped in porous cloth or fishnet. derived from the local dialect of pangasinan or pangasinense that means swinging. 

Spreading the art of fire dancing

we want to bring this art in every part of the world just like the nature of fire that spread fast. we want to show to the world how beautiful the art of fire dancing.